Year 5


Summer Term Home Schooling Tasks 

We hope you had a lovely half term and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Please subscribe to our Year 5 YouTube channel, where you will find our online lessons. Each week day we will release an English and maths lesson for your child to work through. We have aimed to put all the tasks on the videos so the children can simply pause the screen and complete the work at their own pace. The answers for the maths activities are at the end of the video. One reading skills video will be available each week with follow up questions on the website saved as PDF (each PDF has the text, tasks and answers). There will also be topic PDF tasks available for your child to choose an activity from. Please encourage your child to take part in or create their own PE lesson (see the summer term 2 PE tasks below). We have also uploaded some SMSC tasks, which your child may wish to complete.

Each video lesson has been differentiated to enable all abilities to access the Year 5 curriculum: Bronze, Silver (Year 5 age related expectations), Gold and Challenge. Please allow your child to choose a task that that they feel is appropriately challenging. It is OK to start off easier and move up to the next challenge, when your child feels more confident. Do not feel pressurised to move onto the next lesson if your child has struggled. Go at your own pace. You might feel it is more beneficial for your child to repeat a lesson or try the next challenge rather than move onto a new lesson (especially in maths).

Mr Lee will be online during the times stated below for children to ask questions.  Therefore, aim to press play on the video on YouTube at the start time of the lesson and then the questions will come at the relevant time.  These videos can of course still be accessed outside of these times but the staff member will not be available to answer the questions.  The comments will still be at the bottom of the videos so the answers to your questions might have already been answered.

Year 5 YouTube Timetable

9:00am – 10:00am –  Maths (Throwback Thursday – we will recap previous learning taught in school)

10:00am – 11:00am –  English

11:30 am – 12:00pm – Reading Skills (one YouTube video and follow up questions below)

Afternoon Topic Time  (see PDFs below)

Please do not stress about providing home schooling. It is our job to provide work for your child but do not feel pressurised to complete it. Pick and choose what will work for your family and current situation. Remember some days will be good and some not so good. When we return to school, we will get your child back on track. Enjoy your time together, share your calm, share your strength and share your laughter.


Maths and English

This week, it is ‘Money Week’. On Thursday and Friday, our maths lessons will be slightly different and based on financial education. Here are the challenge activities.

year-5-download11.06.2020 Financial Education Challenge

12.06.2020 Financial Education Challenge



All our English and Maths lessons are available on our YouTube channel.

Click on the pictures below to go straight to the Year 5 YouTube channel!

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Reading Skills

One reading skills video will be published on our YouTube channel each week and the follow up questions and answers are available below. During week 5 we would like the children to choose a book and enjoy reading it. We have something different planned for that week of home learning, more information to follow!


Week 1 Olympic Glory Text, Tasks and Answers



Week 2 Podium Protest Text, Tasks and Answers



Week 3 The Ancient Greeks Text, Tasks and Answers



Week 4 The Story of Hercules Text, Tasks and Answers



Week 6 Tanni Grey Thompson Text, Task and Answers



Week 7 Oppressed Family Olympic Gold Text, Tasks and Answers



Week 8 (no video- choose from the comprehensions below)


Winter Olympics 2018 Reading Comprehension – South Korea

Winter Olympics 2018 Reading Comprehension – Shaun White

Winter Olympics 2018 Reading Comprehension – Nathan Chen

Winter Olympics 2018 Reading Comprehension – Dara Howell

Winter Olympics 2018 Reading Comprehension – At the Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics 2018 – Reading Comprehension


We thought that we would do things a little differently for this last half term, so we have provided different tasks for you to choose from and complete over the coming weeks. Please continue sharing your learning via Facebook, Twitter or email.

There will be no topic videos this term; so just work through the tasks one at a time and go at your own pace. Teachers will still be available on Facebook to answer any of your queries.


Geography and History Tasks


year-5-downloadSMSC Tasks


year-5-downloadPE Tasks

The week beginning the 6th June is Bike week. Take a look at the Bike Bonanza tasks below.

               Bike Bonanza



Spelling Practise



spelling ideas

               high frequency words

               Year 3 and 4 Spelling List

               Year 5 and 6 Spelling List



Online Learning Links

Capture 2CaptureCapture3Capture4

Spelling Shed and Maths Shed Login Details

Username: Your child’s full name with a capital letter for the first name and not surname e.g. Bobsmith (some children do have the number 1 after their name e.g. Bobsmith1)

Password: child’s class name no capital letter (kilmar, trewortha, bearah or tregarrick)