Carbeile Junior School was represented so well by numerous children over the weekend.  Imogen carried the standard at Sparrow Park on Saturday and Erin laid the wreath, with Cory, Summer, Lily-May, Poppy and Florence also attending.  Then on Sunday, Paige and Holly carried the standard, and Summer and Imogen laid the Carbeile wreath.  I felt very proud having children giving up their weekend to remember our military heroes and to be part of such a wonderful community service.DSC_0774 (3) DSC_0758 (2) DSC_0756 20171112_102553 20171112_102552 20171112_102549 20171111_110650 20171111_110649 20171111_110648 20171111_105720 20171111_105714 20171111_105616 20171111_105613 20171111_105512 20171111_105504 20171111_105458