Random Act of Kindness Week


It has been Random Act of Kindness week at school this week and the children and staff have enjoyed taking part!

At the start of the week, we spoke about how powerful an act of kindness can be. Not only does it make the person receiving the act feel good, but it also makes the person giving the act of kindness and the people watching the act feel good too!

Each day, year groups have been given different kindness tasks to carry out. These acts of kindness included holding the door open for someone, giving compliments, playing with and including all children, smiling at each other and being grateful to all the wonderful things we do for each other. Every child and member of staff got to choose somebody in secret to carry out a random act of kindness to. The purpose of this week was to show children how powerful small acts of kindness can be and how we can embed them every day!


Each teacher has chosen somebody from their class who has stood out for being an amazingly kind, thoughtful member of their class.


They put the ‘i’ in Kind! 

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