Headteacher’s Tea Party


This morning, 2 children from each class attended the Headteacher’s Tea party.  They had been selected by their teacher for a variety of reasons, but all of the children really deserved to be there.  They enjoyed nibbles and cakes and then told us about their favourite bits about Carbeile and how we could improve.  Here are their ideas:

Children’s favourite bits about Carbeile:

  • We learn different subjects each week, Jenna
  • The teachers, Rhys
  • I like the problems in maths, Troy
  • I like all of the learning so you get your education, Lincoln
  • PE is great because we learn different sports, Harry
  • Lessons are so fun you don’t know you’re learning, Ruby
  • Golden Time on a Friday afternoon relaxes me, Lily
  • Awards Assembly because we find out who has won the awards and we clap them so they are happy about what they have achieved that week, Addison
  • I love the trips and visits because they are really fun, Tilly
  • Playtimes because it is a break from learning, Kaden
  • I like being able to take the chess outside because you can learn at break times too, Ethan
  • The way teachers spend time making lessons fun, Evelyn
  • That I get to see my friends, Archie
  • When we bring the learning outside, Jenna
  • English because you get to write, Warren
  • English because we get to make our own stories and poems, Addison

What can we do better?

  • More of Mr. Bunkum’s stories, Lily
  • Do more music, Jenna
  • More of Clive Pig because of his excellent stories, Archie
  • More tasks like elicitation tasks where we have to make up stories on the spot, JackIMG_1480 IMG_1481 IMG_1482 IMG_1483  IMG_1485