End Of Term Awards Assembly


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Head – Miss Thomas is very proud of Aaron great improvements 

Hands – Sophie always offering to help

Heart – Jasper always  polite kind and caring 


Head – Bryn great application in all his learning 

Hands – Angelica being helpful and helping other, 

Heart – Amelia T the most 


Head – Hayden great learning attitude 

Hands  – TuiEppi great in the class helping always

Heart – Mason as nominated by the class


Head -Harry applies himself to everything

Hands – great to club participation Robert

Heart – Millie great courage in class


Head – Jess a super learning attitude in everything 

Hands – Sophie – and absolute delight to have in the class and so helpful

Heart – Erin and Ruby such lovely kind children, beautiful in character 


Head – Evelyn had a great term and super attitude 

Hands – always resourceful Charlie L

Heart  – Evie will always consider others


Head – Halle grew progression 

Hands – Zac great helping in computing 

Heart – has shown real courage in class Luca 


Head – Eddie progress in all EMR

Hands – Daisy using all her leaning powers

Heart – Jake has great empathy skills 


Head – Tristan Green amazing first term

Hands – Mai been amazing in class 

Heart – Ellie been amazing in class 


Head – Amy R great learning attitude 

Hands  – very sensible in class Thomas Hand 

Heart –  Erin always being really helpful


Head – always tries their best in class Jay 

Hands – Isabelle always helping in the class

Heart -Imogen inclusive of all people in her class and gets on with anyone 


Head – Ellie Applies her self to everything 

Hands – Jack Wilson really great team player 

Heart – Hermione really caring towards others 


Head – has an exceptional attitude to learning Paige 

Hands – hands out books Sam 

Heart – really caring in class and looks after others Nadia 


Head – Josh great knowledge in class

Hands- Phoebe always offering to helpful

Heart – Katie always so kind and helping other without reward 


Head – brilliant attitude towards everything Michael 

Hands – helpful with want of reward Evie 

Heart – not had an easy term but have been resilient and a great friend Ellen 

Attendance ticket  -Alex N Lynher – 1st prize 

2nd prize Pendeen Lottie Richards 

3rd Prize Trevose Phoebe Callow 

Reading ticket – Kilmar Lucy 1st prize 

2nd prize Trewortha Tilly 

3rd prize Sennen Grace Ruxton 

Class Attendance for term – Fowey 

Mathlete of the term – – Matthew Williams 

Team points -Killarney and Windsor 

Half term winners – Windsor 


Performance  – Faith Saywell

Sports – Archie Boyle

Writer – Willow Haddon 

Mathematician- Jake Perry 

Field gun – Jack Wilson