End of Half Term Awards Assembly


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Slightly different awards for the end of a half term.  To promote the SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) aspects of the school, each teacher nominated three children for some different awards today:

Head – children who have been working hard and showing excellent efforts/achievements in their learning.

Hands – children who are helpful and resourceful in school.

Heart – children who are kind and friendly


Head – made progress in his learning Jack 

Hands – really helpful in the class Ava 

Heart – really kind and polite Eden 


Head – Scarlett putting 100% in effort in everything 

Hands – Leo helping in PE 

Heart – Poppy very supportive to friends


Head – knowledge is amazing and modest Rhys 

Hands  – really helpful in the classroom Evie 

Heart – really kind in class Elsie May 


Head – absorption in learning Tilly 

Hands – Grace creativity in home learning and presentation 

Heart – really friendly and puts smiles on people’s faces Lexi M


Head – Jack A for achieving his targets and always pushing himself

Hands – Jasmin for always being so keen and eager to help around the class

Heart – Ffion for being a friendly, kind and caring member of the class


Head – works in every lesson and tries his best even if it’s hard Max 

Hands – always really keen and helpful in the classroom Louis 

Heart  – very quiet but always kind and considerate Naomi 


Head – always absorbed great role model Liam G

Hands – teach it and helps other Tabatha 

Heart – Lily May – really kind in class


Head – great writing and maths Jack 

Hands – most enthusiastic in lesson Alfie 

Heart – really kind Ruby A 


Head – Sophie always pushing herself and not afraid to ask for help

Hands – helpful in the class Katie 

Heart – A good egg’ Harry 


Head – Grace B to be absorbed in her learning 

Hands  – Harry being confident to help 

Heart – Grace to help others in the classroom 


Head – willow constantly taking risks and fantastic attitude to learning

Hands – Lucas always for trying his hardest

Heart – Emily for being a superb friend 


Head – Lily B presents every piece of work really well, great maths 

Hands – Charlie extremely helpful with tidying 

Heart – Charlie W really good friend 


Head – aims for excellent in her work Molly 

Hands – really likes to help and called register Dwain Lee

Heart – for being kind and playground buddy Ella 


Head – works really hard Kai  

Hands – responsible and trustworthy Bronnen

Heart – checks people are ok Imogen 


Head – outstanding progress in all work Ellie 

Hands – helpful and willing to help her friends Summer 

Heart – been a playground buddy and is kind Liam 

Attendance ticket  – Jessica B Yr 6 Trevose 

Reading ticket – Yr 4 Alana Fowey 

Class Attendance Tregarrick 

Maths – Class of the week – Tregarrick 

Team points – Caernarvon  and Windsor  weekly 

Half term winners – Caernarvon