Classtonbury Festival – 24.05.19


On Friday 24th May 2019, the last day of Summer 1 half term, Carbeile held our first ‘music festival – Classtonbury 2019.  All children experienced some different arts and crafts, live music and foods from different cultures.  The Samba Band from TCC came down along with their very talented choir (with some outstanding solo performances).  Tom Palmer, a local musician, very kindly gave his afternoon to ensure all children could get the feel for live music and a festival atmosphere.

The day was so successful with all children coming to school dressed in their festival clothes, face paint and a chilled out attitude!


Look at some of the comments from Facebook…

“Well done to your team was lovely to see the children having a lovely time and making great memories of their time at school.”

“Awesome day a great end to the term.”

“Well done to everyone involved with Classtonbury today, we had a great afternoon and the children all looked like they loved it.”

“Thank you so much for a wonderful day, you guys at Carbeile ROCK! Best school ever.”

“Thank you to everyone who made this event happen, it was wonderful and it looked like all the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. What a great school to be part of.”

“What a fabulous school!!!!! Every event I attend I’m more and more impressed! Fabulous.”

“It was easy to see the staggering amount of effort that had gone into making the day as successful as it was. Thank you, we thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“I had a fantastic time and all the children I saw seemed to be enjoying themselves. I hope this will be a yearly festival.”

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