Awards Assembly – 26.01.18


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Star- handled not being picked for eco club well Isobel and Florence

Writer – great work Alex 

Maths – Seth for super productivity 

sports Layla great technique 

Reader – Eden for going on bug club 


Star_ Bryn for a great learning attitude 

Writer – super effort Matilda 

Maths – Ollie for great productivity 

sports – overcame fears of jumping Charlotte 

Reader – Tilly for great consistent reading 


Star – Harvey and Grace S also demonstrating great learning attitudes 

Writer – thoughtful writing Harry 

Maths – Holly for great perseverance 

sports – Michaela great independence 

Reader – Tilly for great reading skill work 



Writer: Olivia super work on her invent 

Maths Jake great collaboration in maths 

sports Lilia good effort 

Reader Beatrice great home reading 


Star  being responsible Jasmin

Writer Seren for great use of personification

Maths impressive perseverance with measurements Vinnie

sports excellent gymnastics and teamwork Sophie

Reader always a great reader but had great pride as well Jack A


Star – Tabatha great  perseverance and work this week 

Writer – Jamie a great invent an editing 

Maths – Ernie for being a Teach it

sports – collaborative work Harry and Olivia 

Reader – Chloe super reading at home 


Star absorbed all week Arthur 

Writer  Lydia for fitting 

Maths Aaron attention to detail 

sports Finn good work 

Reader Matthew good reading at home


Star Amber great attitude in all lesson S

Writer William for great creativity in his innovate 

Maths Grace for great productively and Oliver 

sports Chloe

Reader Lucy for great contributions in reading skills 


Star Bethany for really challenging herself 

Writer Willow for great work and it being a joy to read 

Maths Rosin work 

sports Max super skills

Reader Rosin great work 


Star super independence Ben

Writer Holly for great effort 

Maths Katy fantastic resilience all week 

sports excellent sportspersonship Tiana

Reader consistent reading at home Amy 


Star Emily great attitude

Writer Brooke super work on targets and toolkit

Maths Emily Carter grew independence 


Reader Marley for reading at home 


HTA Liam great work on Egyptians 

HTA Aidan good work and in Mr H’s Maths group

Reader – Molly great reading skills and reading at home 


HTA – Kayla great effort in class

HTA – Coby trying to be a great role model 

Reader – Lily May great home reading 


HTA Archie for coming to all boosters

HTA Phoebe for great work 

Reader – Imogen for reading 3  times this week 


HTA  chased targets for B badge Erin 

HTA Riley chased targets for a B badge

Reader Chloe S great reading effort 

Mathletics class of week – Bearah 

Mr H maths group –

Reading ticket – Rhys Mason Treyarnon 

Attendance ticket – Liam Nelson Pendeen 

Team points – Balmoral 

Half trembly points – Windsor 

Class of the week for attendance – Polzeath 

New team captain Killarney: Imogen cook