Awards Assembly – 24.11.17


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Year 3:


Writer of the week – improved productivity Grace D

Reader of the week – read first 3 times Nabeelah

Mathematician of the week – Archie perseverance in telling the time 

Star of the week – fantastic in nativity Robert 

Sports superstar –


Writer of the week – Jack using correct inverted commas 

Reader of the week – Aaron great perseverance in reading skills 

Mathematician of the week – wow time knowledge Imogen 

Star of the week – makes Miss T smile Charlie P

Sports superstar –


Writer of the week – incredible productivity Rosealie 

Reader of the week – Mackenzie read 3 times 

Mathematician of the week – telling the time Evie

Star of the week – Peter sang in Nativity 

Sports superstar – 


Writer of the week – Matilda great presentation and vocabulary 

Reader of the week – Finley joined in reading skills 

Mathematician of the week – fantastic time telling Callum

Star of the week – outstanding effort in all subjects Poppy 

Sports superstar – 

Year 4:


Writer of the week – Ben for great productivity 

Reader of the week – Henry Ireland for great enthusiasm for reading

Mathematician of the week – Tabatha for perseverance in big solve

Star of the week – Harry for a mature attitude and being a great friend

Sports superstar – Jamie for great participation in cricket 


Writer of the week – great detail in story telling Summer 

Reader of the week – great comprehension Aaron 

Mathematician of the week – great perseverance Pippy 

Star of the week – regular contributes in class Teegan 

Sports superstar – Accuracy into football Ruby 


Writer of the week – Thomas for pen license and Trinity 

Reader of the week – Liam for reading 3 times at home for the first time.

Mathematician of the week – Ruby for being a maths whizz and helping others 

Star of the week – Harvey for excellent perseverance all week 

Sports superstar – Jack W excellent effort in cricket

Year 5:


Writer of the week – Zander showing effort in writing 

Reader of the week – Grace B reading at home really well

Mathematician of the week – fantastic attitude in Maths Marley 

Star of the week – fabulous attitude Thomas H

Sports superstar – 


Writer of the week – great handwriting for invent William 

Reader of the week – Lucy great home reading 

Mathematician of the week – had completed all DIRT Grace 

Star of the week – always has really good attitude Katie 

Sports superstar – focus on technique Amber 

Swimmer Ruby Bean and Harry Chambers


Writer of the week – accuracy in invent Abbie

Reader of the week – Josh excellent home reading 

Mathematician of the week – really absorbed Jenna 

Star of the week – Ellie great work all week

Sports superstar – fantastic jumping Tristen 


Writer of the week – Isabelle great originality in invent 

Reader of the week – Allannah  read at home consistently

Mathematician of the week – Keira Hall has done lots of mathletics work 

Star of the week – Jacob Ferris worked really hard to manage his distractions

Sports superstar – Kieran Bottrill great effort 

Year 6:


HTA Molly great writing this week 

HTA Harley trying really well all week 



HTA – great presence in celebration assembly practice Isaac

HTA – great star in the class and trying hard in celebration practice Jess 

Reader – read consistently at home Lincoln 


HTA – giving 100% in class Kai 

HTA – George giving 100% in class 

Reader – phoebe great reading 


HTA – great class star and great vocabulary Nylar 

HTA – settled in really well into class Jess 

Reader – reading skills work Vinnie 


Attendance certificate: Kilmar 

Attendance ticket: Polzeath Iskander

Reading ticket: Sophia Tregarrick 

Team points: Balmoral 

Mr H group: 

Mathletics class Tregarrick 

Mathlectics problem solved by: Rhys Davis and Lincoln Callow