Awards Assembly – 23.02.18


Year 3


Star of the Week: Lilia Wright for such a lovely attitude to learning and welcoming and challenge.

Mathematician of the Week: Tyler Stephenson-Wright for making links with multiplication and division.

Writer of the Week: Poppy Bell for great productivity and always trying her best.

Reader of the Week: Lincoln Callow for great absorption in newspaper reading.

Sports Superstar of the Week: Teddy Gardiner for great sportsmanship in netball.



Star of the Week: Ben Bowtell-Stenning for fantastic effort in all lessons

Mathematician of the Week: Joshua-Lee Bradley for great efforts in maths

Writer of the Week: Alex Hinitt for productivity and enthusiasm for writing

Reader of the Week: Charlie Hadland for great efforts in Code X

Sports Superstar of the Week: Lily Hobbs for great collaboration in netball



Star of the Week: Tilly Bean – for being an ‘Always Person’.

Mathematician of the Week: Leighton Millross – for great effort all week and increasing his productivity.

Writer of the Week:  Noah Anderson – for excellent effort to produce a lively newspaper report.

Reader of the Week: Harvey Drake – for great Home Reading.

Sports Superstar of the Week: Leo Gomery – for a superb, sporting attitude – always!



Star of the Week: Charlotte and Harvey – For achieving their pen licenses and amazing effort all week.

Mathematician of the Week: Joe – For having a positive attitude to maths and trying his best.

Writer of the Week: Jamie – For great concentration in his writing.

Reader of the Week: Grace D – For using Bug Club regularly.

Sports Superstar of the Week: Robert – For improved stamina each Brain Break.


Year 4


Star of the Week: Seren for great participation and improved enthusiasm

Mathematician of the Week: Riley for great determination this week

Writer of the Week:  Ruby for super sentence work

Reader of the Week: Kiara for first home read

Sports Superstar of the Week: Emily for holding the plank for a whole minute



Star of the Week: Mathew for excellent attitude to learning and improved productivity.

Mathematician of the Week: Lydia for amazing perseverance and resilience with tricky problems.

Writer of the Week:  Ruby for brilliant attention to detail.

Reader of the Week: Charlie for his continued commitment to reading.

Sports Superstar of the Week: Olivia Chambers for participation and perseverance in our monthly challenge.



Star of the Week: Halle for super perseverance

Mathematician of the Week: Liam Brown for great efforts with maths this week

Writer of the Week: Cailan for lovely presentation

Reader of the Week: Troy for great home and school reading

Sports Superstar of the Week: Autumn for great commitment during circuits









Year 5


Star of the Week:  Lucy for excellent presentation and always completing her dirt

Mathematician of the Week:  Demi for excellent perseverance and attitude

Writer of the Week:  Ciaran for great absorption and a very clear speaking voice

Reader of the Week: Ruby Potter for excellent home learning and for learning her assembly part off by heart

Sports Superstar of the Week:  Jack for excellent power walking in our relay race

Swimmers of the Week: Ruby P, Sky C, Willow H, Arthur B



Star of the Week: Imogen Hawke for her growing engagement and confidence in all areas of the classroom

Mathematician of the Week: Oliver Crago for pushing himself to aim higher

Writer of the Week:  Emily Park for improving on her improvements!!!!

Reader of the Week: Emily Carter for enjoying reading which means she has read 10 times including half term

Sports Superstar of the Week:

Swimmers of the Week:



Star of the Week: Holly Nobes – great performances in assembly practice.

Mathematician of the Week:  Abbie Stacey – Amazing times table knowledge to help with our work with factors, prime and squared numbers.

Writer of the Week:  Iskandar Taylor – amazing elicitation task.

Reader of the Week:  Whitney Peters – Great home and class reading.

Sports Superstar of the Week:  William Frier – great racket control in tennis

Swimmers of the Week:  Chloe Gibson and ?



Star of the Week: Emily Mc Creedy for being an always child and performing great acts of kindness.

Mathematician of the Week: Jacob Ferris for trying his best this week and making fantastic progress.

Writer of the Week: Jay Evans for a fantastic elicitation task.

Reader of the Week: Oliver Taylor for working hard to improve his comprehension.

Sports Superstar of the Week: Roisin Abel for showing a fantastic attitude in swimming this week.

Swimmers of the Week: Tristan Hut and Lucy McCreedy


Year 6


Head teacher’s Awards: Lily Taylor: high attainment in all lessons.

Charlie Court: showing interest and enthusiasm towards a new topic.

Reader of the Week: Ethan Parry for excellent reading at home and school.




Head teacher’s Awards: Chloe Donne for consistently positive attitude to learning and excellent leadership in PE.

Molly Gilbey for outstanding attitude to learning

Reader of the Week: Olivia Rzeznik for excellent reading at home and school.




Head teacher’s Awards: Lily Nash for always trying her best in everything she does.

Imogen Cook for having an excellent attitude to learning.

Reader of the Week: Mackenzie Stephenson for excellent reading at home and school.



Head teacher’s Awards:Oliver Rogers. Making huge progress in his writing and showing a superb attitude

Jessica Bawden. Taking pride in her maths learning and supporting others in theirs.

Reader of the Week: Michael Walker for sharing his love of reading with others and showing amazing absorption in a book