Awards Assembly – 15.12.17


IMG_1492 IMG_1493 IMG_1494 IMG_1495Trewortha 

Star – amazing week in assessments Sophie 

Reader  – Charlie great reading in school

Writer – Lila great writing 

Mathematician – Alex good attitude 

PE –


Star – Amelia T and Finley great learning attitude 

Reader- Noah super reading in school and at home

Writer – 

Mathematician – Bryn great score in maths assessments



Star – Isabelle great work in class 

Reader- Phoebe great reading at home 

Writer – Charlotte for writing a great poem

Mathematician – Grace D great maths score 

PE –


Star – Elsie – Mai for great attitude in class

Reader- Heidi great work in reading assessments 

Writer – Annesha great effort in her writing

Mathematician- Teddy great maths score in assessment 

PE – 


Star – William such a great return to the class and contributing well

Reader – 

Writer – Bahar a fantastic independent long write


PE- Harvey for excellent defending in benchball


Star – Emma Austin for a great learning attitude

Reader- Daniel Needham for fab home reading

Writer – Alana Campillos for a wonderful independent write

Mathematician – Addy Butcher and Lilly-May Halliday for super times table coding games



Star – Maisie puts in great effort and joy to have in classroom


Writer – Aaron great detail in his writing 

Mathematician – 

PE –  Louis fantastic in circuits 


Star – Rhys massive improvement in attitude to learning 

Reader – Keira great reading in the class 

Writer – Hannah great use of targets 

Mathematician- Max using a protractor well 

PE- Hermione great swimming 

Swimmer of week  – Roisin and Demi


Star – Katie really helpful member of the class 

Reader- Chelsea home reading 

Writer – Tristan working well on his targets 

Mathematician- Ethan good work on angles 


Swimmer of week  – Sophie P and Grace R


Star – Jessica makes Mrs Lee smile 

Reader- Ruby Andrew great reading 

Writer – Ruby Potter working well in her invents 

Mathematician- worked hard in angles Ciaran 


Swimmer – 


Star – Finley great learning in class

Reader – Zander great home reading

Writer – Harry worked really hard on his writing 

Mathematician – worked really hard Erin 


Swimmer –


Reader- Charlie W great reading in reading skills

Headteacher award – always great learning attitude Grace 

HTA – working hard to improve her writing Ellie F


Reader – Molly great reading at carol service 

Head teachers – work up on the personal  best board Dwainlee 

HTA – Sienna work up on PB board 


Head teachers award – working hard on targets Coby 

HTA – always working really hard Alice 

Reader – 


Headteachers award- always good have this great at the carol service Marlise 

HTA- Holly great attitude in the carol service 

Reader – Marlise super home reading and reading skills contributions 

Reading ticket – Erin Taylor Ottery 

Attendance ticket – Zander Sennen

100% attendance – Trewortha 

Team points – Killarney 

Mr H maths group- 

Mathletics – Lincoln and Phoebe Callow 

class of week is Treyarnon