Awards Assembly – 13.10.17


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Star – Lilly good perseverance improvement 

Reader- perseverance in reading skills Charlie 

Writer – Josh great perseverance in innovate 

Mathematician- used perseverance Layla 

PE – Tilly good effort in climbing 


Star – trying her best Michaela

Reader- Isabel contributions to reading skills 

Writer – Joey producing lots of work 

Mathematician – Charlotte – great work on column subtraction 

PE- Jamie fast and safe gym climbing 


Star – Matilda always trying her best

Reader- Tilly for reading skills effort 

Writer – Noah for great ideas 

Mathematician- Byrn perseverance 

PE – Leo effort


Star – Rosalie great attitude to her learning 

Reader- Heidi reading in codex 

Writer – Olivia great effort

Mathematician- Tu Epi great writing 

PE – Tyler great effort 


Star – Emily for being absorbed in her learning 

Reader- Trinity for improving her home reading 

Writer – Niamh for a great SPaG score

Mathematician- Jack A for a great maths score

PE- Erin, Ruby and Bahar for a great collaborative obstacle course


Star – Lily May for great absorption, especially during learning hour

Reader- Courtney for moving up a reader colour

Writer – Ernie super topic work

Mathematician – Zak c – great absorption and mark in our maths test

PE- Henry for impressive rugby throw


Star – displays good morals Olivia B

Reader- consistently good reader Summer 

Writer – amazing ideas in story Maisie

Mathematician- showed parent work Tom 

PE –  used equipment well Paige 


Star – amazing attitude Noah 

Reader- Max good amount of reading done

Writer – Noah choosing to write stories at home 

Mathematician- Sky great effort 

PE- sports leadership Lucas 

Swimmer of week  – Arthur and Jay Evans 


Star – perfect learning attitude Jenna

Reader- reading 3 x a week Holly 

Writer  – Katie amazing elicitation  task 

Mathematician- Kelly wizard with fractions 

PE- brilliant in circuits Sophie 

Swimmer of week  – Tristan and Daisy 


Star – Ruby for being a pleasure to teach 

Reader- Faith for great reading skills effort 

Writer – merit – Eddie for personal best 

Mathematician- making links Katie 

PE- excellent stamina Daisy 

Swimmer – Katie B and Harry M


Star – Finley for being fabulous

Reader- Harry committed to reading 

Writer – Emily great effort 

Mathematician- Imogen for making links

PE-Daisy and Brooke for fantastic collaboration 


Reader – Hermione reading lots at home

Headteacher award – extremely well in tests Mia 

HTA – wonderful handwriting and helping her peers Yana 


Reader – 

Head teachers award – works really hard pleasure to teach Skye 

HTA – extremely well in tests and has taken part in swimming Erin 


Head teachers award – welcomed back into classroom and good independence in writing Adrian 

HTA – had a set back and been really resilient and a good role model Callum



Headteachers award- helping in the class Bronnen 

HTA- everyone says lovely things about him Theo 

Reader – 

Reading ticket – Lizard Sienna 

Attendance ticket – Bearah Alexis Carter Moore

100% attendance- Fowey Bearah Pendeen 

Team points – Caernarvon 

Mr H maths group-

Mathletics – Katie Jones and Jessica Bambridge one puzzle of the week 

class of week is Lynher