Awards Assembly – 12.01.18




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Star great attitude on trips Layla

Writer Alex as he was really positive 

Maths accurate use of column addition Isabella 

sports brilliant gymnastics Reuben 

Reader read a lot over Christmas Tilly 


Star Chloe for real enthusiasm in school

Writer Sophia great input in lessons

Maths great addition work Amber 

sports creative travelling in gym Zak/c

Reader Tilly reading skills 


Star Jamie making the class lovely

Writer Grace D captivating writing 

Maths great absorption Archie 

sports Nabuella great control

Reader Bartex reading at home 


Star Peter great attitude to learning all week 

Writer used great vocabulary in elicitation task Josh 

Maths Evie for amazing effort in column addition 

sports excellent effort and collaboration Rhys 

Reader great use of bug club Poppy 


Star Liam 

Writer Freya Mai

Maths Cory 

sports Warren 

Reader Thomas 


Star Emma Austin for always being caring and helpful

Star Autumn settled in really well into Carbeile

Writer Luca Blatchford for enthusiasm in writing 

Maths Jake Atterbury for excellent rounding skills

sports Henry Ireland for great netball skills

Reader Rory Jarvis enthusiastic home reading 


Star Lydia fabulous effort in all subjects 

Writer fabulous choice of vocab Olivia 

Maths Arthur working well in a team 

sports Zac great enthusiasm 

Reader Livvy reads well in class 


Star Jack consistently great attitude 

Writer Oliver great use of modal verbs 

Maths Amber persistent in solving fractions 

sports Ruby Andrew great effort 

Reader amazing perseverance when reading to the class Louis 


Star Kieran amazing attitude to learning 

Star Oliver had a great first full week back 

Writer Bethany varying position on clause 

Maths Ashley great maths work 

sports Skye great effort in yoga 

Reader reading record signed 10times Jay 


Star Iskander incredible subject knowledge 

Star super learner all week Kelly 

Writer contributes well in lessons Mai 

Maths made super progress in fractions Chelsea

sports amazing benchball player Ben 

Reader read 3 times this week Edward 


Star Brooke for an amazing start to the new year 

Writer Grace R using all her targets 

Maths taking risks Imogen 

sports Imogen for great effort 

Reader Erin great amount of reading 


HTA Jack working so hard in boosters and target time 

HTA using parenthesis for extra detail Grace 

Reader Yana reading every week 


HTA joined the class and had a great start Lily Bennet 

HTA set his own targets for his work Adrian 

Reader Evie great reading effort


HTA great commitment to work and Egyptian Day Dylan 

HTA great commitment to work and Egyptian Day Alfie 

Reader Tyler great reading at home 


HTA great attitude to boosters and target time Ella 

HTA just joined the class Chi Chi with a fantastic start

Reader reads beautifully aloud Paige 

Mathletics class of week – Seren Hall and Erin Evans 

Pendeen class of the week 

Mr H maths group Alfie 

Reading ticket – Allannah Brewster Treyarnon 

Attendance ticket – Fowey Cailan 

Team points – Windsor 

Class of the week for attendance – Lynher