Awards Assembly – 09.02.18


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Head – Lily great amount of effort in all 

Hands – Joey for good help

Heart – Grace S just helps and is kind and caring to all 


Head – such an improvement in all areas at school Olivia 

Hands – really helpful and helps at the right time Mackenzie 

Heart – lovely friend Louis 


Head – Charlie always pushing himself

Hands – Angelica lots of home learning 5 pieces

Heart – Matilda really nice to all 


Head – great effort in all areas Laila

Hands – Florence doing lots of jobs in the classroom, always with a smile

Heart – kind to everyone and makes me smile Charlie P


Head  – Hayden for great progress and behaviour progress 

Hands – Cory for being reliable and helpful

Heart – Ffion great friend 


Head – Rory dedicated to targets 

Hands  – Emma always helping in the classroom

Heart – Amber lovely caring person in the class


Head – amazing engagement in all lessons Lydia 

Hands – fantastic team player Maisie 

Heart – always tries her best and a great role model Charlie 


Head  -most outstanding progress Sky 

Hands – Kieran for great helping in class 

Heart – Oliver progress in being kind to others 


Head – Tiana for dedication to targets 

Hands – always ready to help with a smile Abbie 

Heart – small acts of big kindness Addison 


Head – Louis for great progress 

Hands – really helping at the right times Grace T

Heart – great friend and role model Daisy 


Head – growing resilience in learning Marley 

Hands – positive and friendly attitude Brooke 

Heart – Imogen for kindness and sense of humour 


Head – giving effort in everything Callum 

Hands – helps TA Sky 

Heart – always thinking of others Eoiffa


Head – great progress Maisie 

Hands – Xavi great at helping 

Heart – Molly always caring and kind 


Head – Jessica for extraordinary progress

Hands – helping others in the class Sky 

Heart – great progress and helping in class Chloe 


Head – Ben great progress

Hands – Marlise helping in class 

Heart – lily lovely 

Mathletics – Freya Mai, Sophie and Jessica solved the word problem 

Bearah got class of the week 

Attendance ticket – Madison in Tregarrick 

Reading ticket – Harry Marks in Sennen 

Team points -Balmoral and Caernarvon

Half term total – Balmoral