Awards Assembly – 02.02.18


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Star – Tilly Mrs T is very proud of you 

Writer – Jack great handwriting

Maths – Reuben getting to challenge 

Sports – joined well Jack C 

Reader – Sophie always reading on bug club 


 Star – Angelica great resilience 

Writer – Zac great perseverance 

Maths – Finley good absorption 

Sports – Layla – good work in hall

Reader – Amber achieved 3 home reads


Star – Millie being resilient 

Writer Phoebe super determination 

Maths – Denzell great work in maths getting to S wilf 

Sports – great work in the hall Robert 

Reader – Lexi Marsh great home reading 


Star – Elsie May a joy to have in the class

Writer – Lilia great perseverance 

Maths – Louis great resilience 

Sports – great work in cross country Seren in Ottery 

Reader – Hayden perseverance 


Star Jack White being a great friend 

Writer Jess great time conjunction work

Maths Harvey for great independence on bar charts

Sports Ruby super travelling and balancing 

Reader Vinnie for reading 5 times


Star – Ben great pupil had a great week

Writer – Abbie great note taking 

Maths – Zac effort in test 

Sports – Emma great effort in gym 

Reader – Harry effort on bug club 


Star – Naomi for absorption and great perseverance 

Writer – Lydia transference of knowledge in writing 

Maths – Charlie F for super absorption 

Sports – Isla for showing excellent attention to detail in gymnastics 

Reader – Aaron for reading three times 


Star – Skye great attitude to everything 

Writer – Roisin great first invent 

Maths – Emily hard work 

Sports – great Willow and Ashley for showing excellent teach it skills

Reader – Bethany for always having her nose in a book 


Star – Harry real commitment 

Writer – Katie great commitment

Maths – made great links Kelly 

Sports excellence in swimming Mai 

Reader – excellent attitude in Code X Jenna 


Star Arthur really focussed on his invent and publish 

Writer Ruby Andrew great work in invent 

Maths Faith super absorption 

Sports Jack Participation in benchball

Reader Sophie great reading 


Star – Emily Park fantastic pupil 

Writer Daisy fantastic invent work 

Maths – thinking and discussing work Grace Bryne


Reader Troy reading at home 


HTA – for ALWAYS being a role model in maths and other subjects is Lily-May

HTA – for brilliant maths effort and stunning writing is Evelyn 

Reader – for always reading at home is Nyla


HTA – for a creative invent plan is Flynn

HTA – for absorption in maths is Maisie

Reader – for home reading every single week is Xavi


HTA – consistent effort especially in writing is Rebecca

HTA – for enthusiasm and productivity in writing is Kobi 

Reader – someone who regularly reads at home is Jessica


HTA – for great home learning

HTA – For being great to teach is Logan

Reader – for great reading is Phoebe

Maths class – Bearah 

Isabelle and Tiana solved question 

Attendance class – Treyarnon 

Attendance ticket – Arthur Lynher 

Reading ticket – Emily Ottery 

Mr H maths group – Aidan Collins for concentration and behaviour this week

Chocolate Egg winner – Mr James 

Team points Weekly –  Balmoral

Half termly – Balmoral