RSE Programme

The Christopher Winter Project – Teaching Relationships and Sex Education with Confidence in Primary Schools

Sex and Relationship Education (RSE) is the right and responsibility of the parent.  The school provides RSE to support parents in fulfilling their role.

At Carbeile Junior School, we aim to provide children with a deeper understanding of relationships, marriage and the importance of stable, loving relationships.  In addition, we help prepare the children for the physical and emotional changes they will undertake, as they get older.

RSE is taught discreetly in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 by the class teacher as a series of 4 lessons, using the ‘Christopher Winter Project’.  RSE is part of the National Curriculum in Science.  All parents are able to view the scheme of work prior to the topic being covered in school (which is the latter part of the Summer Term).

Parents have the right to withdraw their pupils from any RSE; they will need to arrange this with the Head Teacher.  In this instance, the responsibility of covering the science aspects of this part of the curriculum will need to be covered by the parent.

generic-downloadSRE Overview

year-3-downloadSRE – Year 3 Scheme of work

year-4-downloadSRE – Year 4 Scheme of work

year-5-downloadSRE – Year 5 Scheme of work

year-6-downloadSRE – Year 6 Scheme of work