Headteacher’s Welcome

I am extremely proud to showcase what a great school Carbeile is.  On this page it is customary for the headteacher to talk about the school…however, our children know the school so well that I asked them to suggest some ‘ingredients’ that make Carbeile so fabulous.  So please read our ‘Recipe for a Carbeile Cake’, which outlines what the children (and the staff!) feel makes Carbeile Carbeile.  These were all suggested by the children during a whole school assembly, with no adult input!

At Carbeile, we celebrate achievement and effort, progress and hard work. We build on the wonderful learning in Torpoint Nursery and Infant School and prepare them for their education as more independent learners in Key Stage 3 at Torpoint Community College.

We are positive that with all stakeholders working together; staff, governors, children, parents and the wider community, Carbeile can be an Outstanding school. Carbeile has an open door policy at all times and we value all links with parents, as working in partnership will help your child achieve their best.

At Carbeile our children LEARN a broad and balanced curriculum in a variety of stimulating ways, they GROW Spiritually, Morally, Socially, Culturally, academically, and personally, and they ACHIEVE in line or better than the national average across all subjects.

We always love showing off our wonderful children, our committed staff and our exciting school so if you would like to see all of these ‘ingredients’ working in an everyday practical setting, please make an appointment to come and look around the school.

Learning Powers

  • 5 spoonfuls of Collaboration
  • 900 sprinkles of Perseverance
  • 5 drops of Absorption
  • 7 bottles of Managing Distractions
  • A pinch of Making Links
  • 2 handfuls of Resilience
  • 3 bags of Independence
  • 600g of Resourcefulness

Golden Rules and Values

  • 7 cups of Golden Rules
  • 100 grams of Pride
  • 500 grams of Tolerance
  • 97kg of Commitment
  • A dash of Aspiration
  • 4 sprinkles of Respect
  • 5lb of Responsibility
  • 10 handfuls of Honesty


  • 16 sprinkles of Sensational Teachers
  • 13oz of Helpful Teaching Assistants
  • 6 ½ hours of Quality Learning
  • 14 cups of Perfect Classrooms
  • 1 pint of Productivity
  • A box full of Fun
  • 10 tablespoons of Helpful Resources
  • 1000kg of Learning, Growing and Achieving
  • A glass of Cool Curriculum
  • Three tonnes of Amazing Presentation
  • Whisk in some Positive Attitude
  • A tonne of Intelligence
  • 317 sprinkles of Well Behaved Children
  • A handful of Perfect Attendance
  • A dollop of Team Spirit
  • 5 dessertspoons of Accurate Reading

More Key Ingredients

  • 5 squirts of Team Points
  • A few drops of Friendship Extract
  • 97oz of Kindness
  • 100 grams of Wisdom
  • 4 collaborating Castle House Teams
  • 6 teaspoons of Committed Clubs
  • 7 gallons of Happiness
  • A pint of ‘Zero Tolerance’ on Bullying
  • A swirl of Marvellous Merits
  • 1 Democratic School Council