Year 6

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Natural Disasters Topic Launch

We went into the hall for our Topic Launch.  The hall had been completely transformed and contained many things, including a huge tent!  We had to imagine that Torpoint was under threat from a tsunami.  Our job was to investigate the objects and decide which ones we would take.  The aim was survival and we […]


FizzPop Science Assembly

Astro Alice from FizzPop Science came to do an amazing assembly all about air! The children learnt all about how to make air explode, blow balloons up really quickly and how to make ‘Bob the balloon’ fit inside a flask!



Today Lizard class enjoyed learning  part of the Beowulf story using actions.


Year 6 Magic MilK!

For Science week, we investigated what happens when you mix milk, food dye and washing up liquid…Ask us about surface tension!!


Year 6 Paul Stephens Workshop

Paul entertained Year 6 with a Workshop on ‘Bullying’.  The key emssage was to be yourself and show RESPECT for yourself and others.