Year 6


Year 6 Graffiti Art

On the last day of term, Year 6 enjoyed Classtonbury by creating graffiti pieces of art. We researched ‘tags’ and created our own personal tags and spray painted our chosen designs. 


Y6 Celebration Assembly

Year 6 enjoyed sharing their learning with families and friends during our Spring Celebration Assembly, 


Flossie’s Diary- Meeting Uncle C

This week, Year 6 are writing informal diary entries. After reading some of Flossie’s diary, which was written during WW2, we decided to innovate it and write our own WW2 diaries from another character’s point of view. We choose Flossie’s Uncle known as Uncle C. Luckily for us, Uncle Collin (also known as Uncle C) came […]


Year 6 Learning Powers Afternoon

This afternoon, Year 6 have worked together learning how to tie a variety of different knots. We used the learning powers of independence, collaboration and imitation to do this. 


Year 6 Bullying Workshop

Today Year 6 had a visitor. His name was Paul Stevens and he is an actor. Through his play, we learned about victims and the effects of bullying. He was very funny but his message was a serious one: we should like ourselves; support and look out for each other; and tell an adult if someone […]


Year 6 WW2 Topic Launch

Year 6 enjoyed their WW2 topic launch day on Monday the 25th of February. Each pupil was given a WW2 ID tag and told they were to be evacuated to the countryside because the war with Germany was imminent. In our drama activities, we walked to the train station, traveled many miles to the country and […]


Egyptian Day

Year 6 had a fantastic day on Wednesday celebrating all that is Egyptian.  They came dressed for the occasion and completed their papyrus sheets, made sugar cube pyramids and completed some wonderful learning experiences.