Year 6



Today Lizard class enjoyed learning  part of the Beowulf story using actions.


Year 6 Magic MilK!

For Science week, we investigated what happens when you mix milk, food dye and washing up liquid…Ask us about surface tension!!


Year 6 Paul Stephens Workshop

Paul entertained Year 6 with a Workshop on ‘Bullying’.  The key emssage was to be yourself and show RESPECT for yourself and others.


Egyptian Mummification

To start the new topic, Year 6 used a range of resources to find out about the mummification process and acted the stages out to help them remember the numerous steps. No brains were actually removed during role play!!      


Outdoor Learning

On Monday 14th November, Year 6 did Outdoor Learning where they learnt how to build a fire, sharpen whittling sticks and toast marshmallows!