Year 5


‘Starry Night’ Inspired Community Art

Year 5 have been studying Vincent Van Gogh and been learning how to paint using his techniques of long and short brush strokes.  Today, we collaborated to paint large scale versions of the ‘Starry Night’ background.  We are going to create our own ‘Starry Night’ display in the Year 5 corridor – watch this space!  


Blast off into Space

Year 5 had a mind-blowing topic launched day: We blasted rockets into the atmosphere Learnt the order of the planet in our solar system through song Compared the relative size of the planets with fruit and vegetables Measured the relative distance of the planets from the sun on the field …all whilst dressed up in […]



Year 5 had an amazing morning of art and music. We bent willow into shapes to create our own 3D willow structures. We then covered them in clingfilm and tissue paper to create fantastic sculptures / ice creams. We also had a ukulele jamming session with Mr James.



The Great Fire of London (well the playground)! We recreated Pudding Lane in 1666 and then burnt it down. We could see how strong winds actually fuel the fire and spread it much more quickly. It took a long time to make our houses; It did not take as long to burn them down! R


Fire Engine Experience

Thank you very much to Torpoint Retained Fire Fighters for allowing use to look around the fire engine. The children loved exploring and were inspired. One child even said, “I want to be a fire fighter when i’m older – this is great!”


Antony House Sensory Research Trip

‘For the Whistlers had begun to close in slowly, surely: converging on the school, on the playground, on the cage of shadows. On him…For some time now, cloud-masses had obscured the moon. He could see nothing; he felt the Whistlers’ presence. Their signals came more often and always closer. Closer. Very close.’ An extract from […]