Year 5


Fistral Bubble Fun

We had a great few days together designing and decorating our own hats, surfboard bookmarks and making chocolate chaos lollies!  


Antony House

Year 5 had a fantastic day exploring the gardens at Antony House. The children are full of ideas and ready to write stories with tension, using their experiences as inspiration for their settings.


Fistral’s Practical Maths Lesson

This week we have been investigating division. We have been using resources and pictures to understand exchanging in short division. We are becoming division experts!


Great Fire of London

During our topic launch, Year 5 recreated Pudding Lane by building Tudor houses. We invited Torpoint Retained Firefighters in to burn down the bakery. We watched the fire spread and all our hard work burn to smithereens, but it was great fun!


‘Starry Night’ Inspired Community Art

Year 5 have been studying Vincent Van Gogh and been learning how to paint using his techniques of long and short brush strokes.  Today, we collaborated to paint large scale versions of the ‘Starry Night’ background.  We are going to create our own ‘Starry Night’ display in the Year 5 corridor – watch this space!  


Blast off into Space

Year 5 had a mind-blowing topic launched day: We blasted rockets into the atmosphere Learnt the order of the planet in our solar system through song Compared the relative size of the planets with fruit and vegetables Measured the relative distance of the planets from the sun on the field …all whilst dressed up in […]