Year 5


Computing Day

Plymouth University provided amazing computing workshops for Year 5.  The children were full absorbed in creating codes to make Lego toys move and instructing robots accurately travel across the hall. We had great fun!


Shackleton Snow Storm

Today we had a visit from a real life explorer: Mr Birch of the Royal Navy. In our topic this term, we have been learning about Sir Ernest Shackleton and his heroic, Antarctic Adventures. Birch was able to provide us with a modern perspective of life sailing on Pacific Ocean, the harsh conditions of the […]


Fistral Forest School

We had an awesome morning with Mr Rocket building our own fires and whittling sticks to toast marshmallows. The class had amazing resilience using the flint and steal to light their kindling.  Back in the classroom, we created an information text survival guide.  Great fun!


The Science Dome!

We had had a visit from the Science Dome.  It was absolutely AMAZING!  We studied the rings of Saturn, investigated constellations and linked the stars to Greek myths.  We even had time for a short roller coaster ride through the Milky Way.


Polzeath Plate Phases!

We learnt about the moon phases and its movement around Earth. I hope you’ve noticed the amazing, astonishing alliteration in our Polzeath posts!


Fistral Outdoor Maths Lesson

In the sunshine, we used chalk to draw place value grids and explored what happens when you multiply and divide a decimal number by 10, 100 or 1000.


Paul Stevens Virtual Reality

Year 5 watched an electronic safety play, which highlighted the important issues of age appropriate internet usage and healthy digital lifestyle.