Year 4


The power of a good book!

During a paired reading skills lesson, Fowey and Lizard class shared their favourite stories. We discussed the characters, story plot and read aloud to each other. Both classes collaborated brilliantly to share their love of reading!


The Sound of Science

Year 4 have been exploring how sound travels from the source of the sound to our ears. We firstly explored how tuning forks vibrate and their ripple effect on water as well as creating our own telephones made from string and paper cups!


Crime and Punishment Launch

During our launch for our new topic on Crime and Punishment, Year 4 collaborated to solve a murder mystery! We read clues and used them to identify the brutal criminal. Year 4 were very lucky to have a visit from two local policeman who discussed the Police Department and their role in our community.  


Year 4 Norway Landscapes

Year 4 have been busy reflecting on our learning in Geography this term to make amazing landscapes of Norway, including snow-capped mountains, ski slopes and Norwegian fjords! We used Modroc, recyclable materials and paint to produce our incredible creations!        


Mindfulness Day!

Today, we enjoyed a variety of mindfulness activities including a Yoga session, clay modelling, calming meditation and stress relieving activities. What a brilliant, relaxing day we all had!    


Dragon Eyes

As part of our exciting Vikings and dragons topic, Year 4 designed and created their own fantastic dragon eyes! I think you’ll agree that they look brilliant!

IMG_2286 (1)

Viking Day!

Today, Year 4 were visited by a Viking who told us traditional Viking stories, fascinating facts about Viking life and led us into an exciting battle with shields and swords. It was an amazing start to our new topic!


Anglo-Saxon Day!

In Year 4, we spent an exciting day learning about the Anglo-Saxons. We created a timeline, designed and painted a shield and sewed our own part of a tapestry. We look forward to our Viking Day tomorrow!


Year 4 Yoga

Today, Year 4 experienced Yoga! Sophia, our Yoga instructor, taught us a variety of stretches, balances and movements in our amazing taster session.


Cornerstone Church

Year 4 visited Cornerstone Church in Torpoint. We learnt interesting facts about Methodism, the history of the church and what it is used for today!