Year 4


Lynher – Outdoor Reading

Lynher have been making the most of this beautiful weather, and have been reading outside in the sunshine!


Year 3 & 4 Sports Day

Despite the suspicious weather threatening in the morning, Sports Day went ahead as planned. Running races, fun relays and the shuttle relay entertained the crowds who turned out in force. As well as showcasing some athletes of the future, there were some amazing displays of perseverance and sportsperson-ship. Well done to the children who behaved […]


Tamar Outdoor Spellings

We always like to take advantage of the good weather in Tamar class, especially with the rubbish few days we’ve had this week! Today, we went outside to practice our spellings on the playground in chalk, played some spelling games and enjoyed the stunning view!  

Tamar Outdoor Learning

With the lovely sunny weather we’ve had lately, Tamar have been taking advantage and taken learning outdoors! Alongside the pond dipping and bug hunting which happened last week, we have enjoyed doing quiet reading outside and other learning.


Year 4: Lightsaber Sound Effects!

Mrs. Marks demonstrated to Year 4 pupils how to make lightsaber sound effects using a metal slinky, a plastic cup and a metal spoon. The children had a great time experimenting with the different sounds they could make.


Year 4: Bottle Orchestra

This week, Year 4 are completing two full days on our new topic: Sounding Off. To launch this topic, we completed a carousel of activities all to do with sound. In Miss Rundle’s class, we were investigating pitch using water bottles filled to different levels. We discovered that a bottle with a small amount of water […]

Year 4 Fantastique!

Last week, the whole of Year 4 performed an amazing presentation for people of Torpoint and our twinned town of Benodet. They learnt a complex French passage and performed a French song. Their attitude towards learning both the song and the text was exemplary and we are all very proud of them. Well done Year […]


Lynher Class Pond Dipping

To complete our Topic ‘A Place For Everything’, Lynher have been pond dipping. The children were extremely happy when I confirmed that I wouldn’t actually be dipping THEM in the pond!! They have made observations and classified the animals they found, and had a brilliant time consolidating their learning from this unit.