Year 4


Cornerstone Church

Year 4 visited Cornerstone Church in Torpoint. We learnt interesting facts about Methodism, the history of the church and what it is used for today!  


Year 4 Fizz Pop Science

Fizz Pop Science visited Year 4 and led amazing workshops explaining what electricity is and identifying materials that are conductors and insulators. A highlight was using the Van de Graff and seeing our hair stand on end!             


Year 4 Classtonbury

Year Four enjoyed such a fantastic day! During the morning we used fabric paint to create flags to represent each class in the school and Mr Tamblyn took each class to create Samba Band music. The children were so well behaved and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. IMG_1193


Year 4 – Paignton Zoo Trip

Year 4 had a brilliant trip to Paignton Zoo on 26th April! This trip was the launch of our topic ‘Amazing Amazon’ and we cannot think of a better way to have engaged the children and sparked their interest. Here are some photos of the children at the zoo; they were well-behaved and thoroughly engaged […]


Year 4 Learning Power Hour

Year 4 enjoyed an hour of Learning Power fun this afternoon: we learnt new skills, practiced using our Learning Powers and have learnt some new rope-tying skills too! Thank you to Miss Pope for organising this session for us!


Year 4 World Book Day

The Year 4 Teachers have been SO impressed with the effort put into the costumes for World Book Day! We have loved listening to the pupils’ reasons for choosing their characters too. The teachers also enjoyed dressing up as characters from The Wizard of Oz! Thank you to all those who supported in getting their […]


Year 4 Topic Launch

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their morning of investigation for our topic launch. As a launch for our new topic, ‘The Good, the Bad, the Ugly’, they had some mysterious outlines appear in the hall!! I wonder what they could have been?!


Year 4 Dragon Eyes

Year 4 designed a dragon’s pupil and then built an eye made of clay around it. They used tools and their fingers to mould the clay into an array of patterns and designs. The finished products were simply breath-taking!


Year 4 Discovery Day

  Year 4 have enjoyed Discovery Day where we completed a Spelling Bee, a Mathletics competition and a fair test for a Science investigation! The children have been enthusiastic and keen to learn.


Ottery – Performance Poetry

Ottery impressed with their performance skills during our Reading Skills lesson today. They were also brilliant at giving and responding to feedback.