Year 4


Fowey Children In Need

Last Friday, Fowey took part in the Children in Need celebrations. We came dressed super spotty, donated money and spent the day talking about our emotions, friendships and forgiveness. Particularly like the cool, arty silhouette pictures. Unintentional but impressive.  

Children in Need SMSC Spotacular!

In Ottery class, we have had a great day looking at our emotions, getting on and falling out and forgiving ourselves and each other. We made ‘PROUD POSTERS’ to celebrate how unique and amazing we all are. It was really lovely to read all the super comments that Ottery class wrote about each other.  


Year 4 Outdoor Maths

We took advantage of the dry weather in Year 4 and took our learning outdoors! Through a carousel of activities we used our outdoor environment to recap learning on arrays, inverse operations and times tables. It was great fun!

Graffiti Maths

Today we did some graffiti Maths – we got to draw on the tables with felt tips! We did this to consolidate our learning on partitioning to multiply. It was great fun!  


Fowey Halloween Biscuit Decorating

As a reward for the hard work we have done this morning (and all the time!), Fowey were able to go outside in groups and decorate a Halloween biscuit! We used collaboration and team work skills to share the icing sugar and ended up with a yummy biscuit. Yum!


Fowey’s Teeth Experiment

As part of our our first topic “Where Does Our Food Go?”, Year 4 have been learning all about teeth. While it is important to learn the names and functions of our teeth, arguably the most important thing to know is how to look after them! We conducted an experiment to find out which drink […]

Ottery Macmillian Coffee and Cake Morning

  We bought and sold cake today, whilst solving a cake dilemma and then moving on to solving times tables with more cake! Thank you to the parents who were able to come and share in the learning (and eating cake)!