Year 4

Year 4 SMSC Day

  Today we have had a great day learning about the values of our own country and the differences and similarities we have with others. we have had some lovely talk time about discussing why diversity and values are so important.  



Earlier this week, we experienced SNOW! OK, so it wasn’t the 22 inches which fell in Russia, but for some of children it was the first experience of falling flakes! Unfortunately, you can’t see the snow in the pictures as well as planned but we think the looks on the children’s faces makes up for […]


Victorious Vikings!

Year 4 have had a fantastic day becoming Vikings! We started the day with a visit from Olaf (Chief Viking Warrior), who introduced the ‘Old Norse’ Language, taught the children how Vikings would have sailed and battled to become victorious. Back in the classroom, we have been making tradition Viking helmets.


Fun Football Challenge!

In a bid to get outside and be active (as much as possible in the current weather!) Year 4 took part in the football goals challenge. They each had 1 minute to see how many goals they could score in total. As teachers in Year 4, we’re no football experts but we think Cristiano Ronaldo […]


Fowey’s Super Home Learning!

Here at Carbeile, we are passionate about home learning. While it is non-compulsory, we still set engaging and creative tasks every half-term linked to our current topic. This half-term, Year 4 have been learning about dragons. From the minute the pesky dragon broke into our school hall (leaving their gungy trail behind them), we have […]


Measurement Madness!

Fowey have been learning all about measurements this week (length, weight and capacity). Reading scales can be very tricky but we have all persevered and tried really hard! To finish off our week, we decided to do a practical activity and had a measure-treasure hunt. We found items around the room and measured them – […]


Fowey Classroom Carnage!

We love a bit of alternative learning here in Fowey and what better way to overthrow traditional learning than…writing on the tables? An important part of our Talk for Writing and reading curriculum here at Carbeile is to be able to have opinions about a text (stating what we like, dislike etc). As well as […]


Fowey Outdoor Spelling Fun

A welcomed gap in the terrible weather we’ve been having brought the opportunity for Fowey to venture outside with their learning today! We used the playground as our giant blackboard and practiced our spellings in chalk, coming up with some inventive ways to present them!

Incident in the Hall!

Today there was an Incident in the Hall! Year 4 found evidence that a dragon could have been in our school hall! Have a look below and make up your own mind…. Dragon footprints?   A dragon’s nest? Dragon snot/slime or vomit? Burnt music paper? Chairs over turned by a tail?

Year 4 Celebration Assembly

Year 4 held their own mini assembly on Friday, so here is a photo of the children and their awards. Well done Year 4!