Year 4


Fowey’s Stop Motion Animation

Today in Science, Fowey class were learning more about evaporation and transpiration. Click the links below to watch their stop motion animations all about these important areas of the water cycle. IMG_0377 IMG_1200 IMG_1322 IMG_1905 IMG_6905


Eden Project Fun!

Last week, Year 4 trekked to the Eden Project to extend their learning around the Amazing Amazon topic we have been studying. Despite the torrential weather (although very fitting with the rain theme!) the children had a great time. They explored the Mediterranean biome, trained to become Rainforest Rangers and were taken on a guided tour around […]


Eden Project: Fowey and some of Lynher

All of Year 4 had an excellent day becoming Rainforest Rangers and exploring the Eden Project on Friday! Fowey class and the children from Lynher that joined us for the day, were extremely well behaved and loved their day out (even in the rain!)


Tamar Ice Lolly Reward!

Every week in Tamar, we have to earn 40 marbles for our marble jar. We can do this in a range of ways: great listening, super effort and lots of hard work! If we earn these, we get to pop a balloon and receive a secret reward inside! Our first treat was ice lollies and […]


Lynher – Time

Lynher Class went outside to recap what we knew about reading and writing analogue time.


Tamar Sponsored Thrive Session

Last week, Tamar took part in their sponsored Thrive circuit. It was a blazing hot day but the children put in so much effort and they were fantastic! Well done, Tamar, so proud of you!