Year 4


Gross Guts Science! (Fowey)

This morning, Fowey class were treated to a workshop from Astro Alice, as a super start to our “Where Does Our Food Go?” topic. We learnt all about our digestive system, the different organs used and we turned some cornflakes into poo (yuck!) The children really enjoyed it and the assembly in the afternoon too. […]


FizzPop Science Assembly

Astro Alice from FizzPop Science came to do an amazing assembly all about air! The children learnt all about how to make air explode, blow balloons up really quickly and how to make ‘Bob the balloon’ fit inside a flask!

Year 4 awards

Here are the Year 4 celebration awards for Friday! Well done!


Lynher 2017-18

  Welcome to Lynher Class 2017-18! We are very excited to be in Year 4 and share all our learning together!    


Fowey Class 2017-18!

Welcome to Fowey Class 2017-18! We are all so excited to start together as a class and looking forward to the learning this year!  


Fowey’s Stop Motion Animation

Today in Science, Fowey class were learning more about evaporation and transpiration. Click the links below to watch their stop motion animations all about these important areas of the water cycle. IMG_0377 IMG_1200 IMG_1322 IMG_1905 IMG_6905