Year 3


Bearah builds spaghetti towers

Who knew spaghetti was a good building material!? We had to try and build the tallest unsupported tower, using only raw spaghetti and marshmallows, as part of a team building activity.


Bearah plants daffodils!

We enjoyed a spot of gardening when we were able to plant daffodil bulbs in the school grounds! It was good to see so much team work!


Year 3 – Clive Pig

We enjoyed listening to the Story Teller – Clive Pig. I’m sure he will inspire us with our writing!


Tregarrick Team Building

This afternoon we took part in 2 team building activities – planting daffodils and tower building!


Kilmar: inventing stories

We wore our inventing hat to invent silly stories before thinking about how we can invent our own stories using the structure of ‘Blessu’ by Dick King-Smith.


Kilmar: RE acting

In RE yesterday we enjoyed acting out stories from the Bible and thinking about how the people would have felt.