Year 3

Kilmar Class – Map Skills

Kilmar Class have loved working on their map skills this morning! They worked with a partner to label a map of Torpoint and some of the key human features they saw. Then they wrote kind notes to their partner and hid their note in the playground; they then had to give their partner directions using […]


Reading for pleasure in Trewortha!

The children in Trewortha have been thoroughly enjoying our fun reading time! They can sit/ lie wherever they choose to help them be absorbed in the books they are reading.


Alternative Sports

Today, we have been trying out fencing, crazy catch, tri-golf and lacros se! All have been a hit with the children.


Trewortha: Ukuleles!

This half term, we have been learning to play the ukulele in Trewortha. We have enjoyed learning the different chords with Mr Fields and he even taught us how to play the song ‘Just the way you are’ by Bruno Mars.


Year 3 English

Year 3 decided to take advantage of the beautiful, winter weather and enjoyed English outside. Using chalk, we shared our likes, dislikes, puzzles and patterns about the story ‘The Beasties’ that we have been learning about in English and Reading Skills. We then brought all our ideas together in our classes.


Kilmar: forest school!

Today we enjoyed making bread like they would have originally made it and baking it on the fire!


Stone Age: dissecting!

As a year group we enjoyed dissecting Stone Age poo to see what they ate! It was fascinating – they ate lots of bones, nuts and seeds.  

Year 3 Ferry Trip

We had so much fun learning how the Torpoint Ferry works. We even got to drive it!  


Year 3 trip to Antony House

We were very grateful to use our local surrounding area to inspire some creative writing and sketches. The children were beautifully behaved and thoroughly enjoyed discovering the fairy houses!