Year 3


Bearah’s last day

We had a great last day. We made marble mazes, wrote postcards to the new year 2 children, played outside and had a class parrty. 

Bearah Group 2’s past two days

We welcomed back the second half of Bearah on Thursday and Friday and they had a very busy few days! On Thursday, we discussed how we were feeling about being back at school after such a long time and enjoyed lots of different sports. On Friday, we had our aquarium day where we made slime, […]

Year 3 – Magic Day

It was a truly magical day for Year 3. We all enjoyed the assembly (with magical m aths), then learning tricks and completing disappearing science experiments!

Kilmar Class OAA

Kilmar Class enjoyed taking advantage of the sunshine this afternoon and used their orienteering skills to find the missing letter hidden around school.


A Journey Back in Time…

To launch our topic ‘A Journey Back in Time’, Year 3 enjoyed a carousel of activities throughout the day.   In the dark, they created their own cave art on sand paper using light from LED tea lights to give the effect of a flickering fire. The children used chalk and charcoal (resources used in […]


Tamar Bridge trip

As a part of our DT this term, we have been learning about the importance of bridges and how they are constructed. Year 3 had a fantastic trip to the Tamar Bridge to embed what we have learnt during our DT lessons. What better way to travel to the bridge than by the river it […]


Christmas Craft Carousel

Year 3 had a great day creating Christmas crafts on Wednesday 18th December. Each class got to make origami bags with Oreos decorated as Xmas puddings in, snowflakes, Christmas snow globes to hang on their trees and marshmallow Christmas Trees.


Trewortha- DT Bridges

This term, we researched different bridge types and how they were built. We explored the strengths of different shapes to find which shapes are the strongest. We discovered the triangle is the strongest shape to build with. We designed our own bridges in teams, made prototypes, edited our designs and then built our bridges to […]