Year 3


Bearah – Children In Need SMSC Day

Dressed in our finest spots, we participated in lots of activities to help us understand emotions, ourselves and others. Activities included 5-word biographies, friendship recipes, emotion charades and ‘throwing away’ all the bad things that don’t belong in friendships.  


Bearah and Tregarrick: Wild Tribe!

We had a fantastic time using our forest area to explore natural materials and let our creativity flow! We made clay masks and moulded them into the environment and constructed mazes using sticks and loose forest floor materials!


Bearah builds spaghetti towers

Who knew spaghetti was a good building material!? We had to try and build the tallest unsupported tower, using only raw spaghetti and marshmallows, as part of a team building activity.


Bearah plants daffodils!

We enjoyed a spot of gardening when we were able to plant daffodil bulbs in the school grounds! It was good to see so much team work!


Year 3 – Clive Pig

We enjoyed listening to the Story Teller – Clive Pig. I’m sure he will inspire us with our writing!


Tregarrick Team Building

This afternoon we took part in 2 team building activities – planting daffodils and tower building!