After school clubs


Netball tournament

This week Carbiele entered a netball tournament at Millbrook School. The whole team played brilliantly and did themselves proud! 

Board Game Club

Here are the finished board games! They worked so hard on these and really enjoyed making them! Well done, Board Game Clubbers!  

Making Board Games

  In board game club, we have been busy creating our own board games to play.  

Drama Club!

Drama Club have enjoyed their first few weeks, already learning important theatrical skills such as body language and facial expressions. Here are some of our budding actors/actresses performing “show not tell” actions. Can you guess how they are feeling?


Fowey Class 2017-18!

Welcome to Fowey Class 2017-18! We are all so excited to start together as a class and looking forward to the learning this year!  


Year 3 and 4 Craft Club

This week we have made button hair accessories for ourselves or as a gift . They all look unique!