Physical Education

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At Carbeile, our belief is that an active and exercise driven lifestyle is a benefactor to our learning and life. We have a strong passion for high levels of physical activity through the school day, an innovative and diverse P.E curriculum and the promotion of sport and exercise as a factor towards mental well-being.  Striving to be the best we can, we promote our school values of commitment and aspiration as we compete others and ourselves- always aiming for better than before.

Our P.E lessons are taught by a combination of class teachers and specialist sports coaches. We offer a range of sport based after school clubs throughout the year and have great pride in the teams that compete in a mix of sports.


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How are P.E lessons taught at Carbeile?

At Carbeile our P.E lessons are taught by combinations of our staff and specialist coaches. In order to further children’s physical development we use traditional and alternative sports to teach the fundamental skills in line with our skills progression. Our belief is that primary P.E lessons should sew the seeds of a life long love of sport and physical exercise. 2 hours of weekly P.E sits at the heart of our health and well being delivery and we reinforce our on going commitment to fitness and an active lifestyle by making the P.E session as active as possible. Standing still is rarely an option!


PE Skills Ladder


Speaking and Listening

In all P.E lessons, children are given opportunities to discuss their learning and peer and teacher feedback is an integral part of our approach. website


Children at Carbeile have opportunities to take their sporting interests beyond their 2 hours of P.E lessons. Every year group have access to competitions including cross country, football, netball and rugby. Alternative sports are a major focus for Carbeile Sports in the future and visiting experts regularly give children an insight into sports they have never experienced before.


The P.E and Sports Premium Co-ordinator is Grant Walker


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