Our aims in teaching maths are that all children will:

  • become numerate and tackle mathematical problems with confidence
  • develop the skills which are needed to meet the demands of adult life
  • develop the ability to think logically and clearly
  • use mathematical language effectively and confidently
  • develop positive attitudes to maths, recognising that maths can be both useful and enjoyable
  • be able to use and apply the skills in other curricular areas.

The Maths Curriculum:

Maths is a core subject of the National Curriculum. Long term and medium term planning is structured following guidance set out in the New Primary Curriculum.

The planning structure for each year is organised in the planning framework.  The structure is the same for each year group.

You will find the following documents useful when looking at the progression in Maths from each year group.

generic-download Maths Policy Nov 2017


generic-download Full Calculation Policy 2018 Appendix 1 bar method Appendix 2 Rounding


generic-download Year 3 Maths Curriculum Overview


generic-download Year 4 Maths Curriculum Overview


generic-download Year 5 Maths Curriculum Overview


generic-download Year 6 Maths Curriculum Overview


generic-downloadNational Curriculum for Maths 2014


generic-downloadMaths Progression


generic-downloadMaths Progression 1



Outdoor Maths
Outdoor Maths
3D shape
3D shape
Year 6 absorbed in exploring shape
Year 6 absorbed in exploring shape

IMG_1623 IMG_1608

Discovery Day - Mathletics competition
Discovery Day – Mathletics competition