At Carbeile Junior School we want our pupils to:

  • Decode words and text confidently
  • Have good inference and deduction skills
  • Analyse text
  • Develop transferable skills
  • Be inquisitive about text
  • Be passionate and enthusiastic about reading
  • Perform texts
  • Be fluent and expressive readers
  • Verbalise thoughts and ideas
  • Enjoy reading
  • Develop personal choice or preferences for genres and authors
  • Be resourceful by using dictionaries and phonetic knowledge
  • Persuade others to read a book
  • Critique and provide evidence
  • Identify patterns between authors and genres
  • Discuss books
  • Challenge the opinions of others
  • Empathise
  • Have an experimental approach to text

Therefore, we teach reading by:

  • Deepening an understanding of texts
  • Encouraging discussion about texts
  • Analysing and exploring texts through generating and answering questions
  • Giving exposure to a variety of genre
  • Developing a variety of reading skills which enable pupils to achieve their potential
  • Modelling being an interested, excited reader who has a love for reading
  • Whole class teaching
  • Modelling answers to questions
  • Providing opportunity for pupils to read collaboratively and independently

This is because:

  • All pupils need a good understanding of what they read
  • Pupils need to be inquisitive about texts
  • Pupils need to see exemplar answers
  • All pupils reading ability needs to be assessed
  • Reading is a key skill for life
  • Children need to read for enjoyment

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