mission statement

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Overall Aims

  • To foster a love of words and an understanding of how they can be used to communicate moods and emotions, create pictures and change perceptions and thinking.
  • To develop confidence, fluency and accuracy to enable pupils to communicate their opinions and ideas in both oral and written forms in a variety of styles and for a range of purposes.
  • To enable pupils to develop their powers of imagination and critical awareness.


  • To enable pupils to participate in activities effectively both as speaker and listener.
  • To develop fluency, accuracy, understanding and enjoyment of a range of fiction and non-fiction texts.
  • To develop discriminating readers.
  • To encourage pupils to write in a range of styles and make judgements concerning tone, style, format and appropriate vocabulary.
  • To plan, draft, edit and revise their written work.
  • To teach the conventions of Standard English in written and spoken form.
  • To produce clear, legible handwriting.


  • Work is planned in accordance with the guidance laid down in The New National Curriculum.
  • Work is planned on a medium-term basis and divided up into blocked units which range from one to three weeks study of a specific genre.
  • Opportunities for speaking, listening, group work and drama are identified in both the medium and short term planning. Speaking and listening is considered to be an integral part of all curriculum areas.

Cross-Curricular Links

All aspects of the curriculum relate to key areas of the English programme of study and give opportunity for utilisation in a variety of ways.

Wherever possible links with other subjects are incorporated into the English planning and skills taught in English lessons are reinforced through written work and discussion in other areas:

  • The use of specialist vocabulary e.g. in science, history, geography.
  • Writing in a range of non-fiction genre e.g. reports, persuasive and discursive texts, note –taking, diary and formal and informal letter writing.
  • Research and reading skills including skimming and scanning.
  • The use of drama and role- play to enhance learning in history, R.E. and geography.

You will find the following documents useful when looking at the progression in Reading and Writing from each year group.


generic-download English Policy 2016



generic-downloadEnglish Progression



generic-downloadNational Curriculum – English