COVID-19 Information

Dear Parents/Carers,

Firstly, I must thank all of the parents who have taken the time to message or email the school or leave a message on various Facebook pages.  I have shared them with the staff and we have all been overwhelmed by your support.  In times like this, these little things make such a huge difference.

  • We will be remaining open for key workers’ children only.
  • School places will also be available for children who have an EHC Plan and for those children involved with social care.
  • The plan is to run a skeleton staff on a rota basis due to the fact that many staff have their own children to look after (number of children will dictate number of teachers and TAs).
  • Office staff will work on a rota basis.
  • Lunchtime supervisors will still be required but on a rota basis.
  • Cleaners will be deep cleaning the areas that the children and adults will not be in (we will restrict the areas available).
  • All children will be taking their English books, Maths books, extra reading books and reading records home. Please promote pride in their books – no doodles, neat writing, straight lines with a ruler etc.  These exercise books are our pride and joy. The children’s individual targets are also in these books so this will give you a focus too.
  • Every child’s log ins for Bug Club and Mathletics will also be sent home (new passwords in some cases, please make a note of these). If you lose these, contact school and we will provide them for you.
  • Volunteers will be coming to school at 10am on Friday morning to deliver books and reports etc to self-isolating families.
  • Longer term, we will be aiming to deliver lessons in a more ‘teacher-style’ as it will not be left to parents to monitor this for months (if it comes to this).  The YouTube lessons started on Monday 20th April and have been a huge success.  Go to YouTube and subscribe to Carbeile Year 3, Carbeile Year 4, Carbeile Year 5 and Carbeile Year 6 to see all of the daily lessons.   Follow Carbeile Head for baking, quizzes, arts and crafts, maths and assemblies throughout the week.  There will also be daily stories for much younger children on here.

We are all so disappointed that the school has had to close.  We have so many great things planned, from topic launches and trips, to Celebration Assemblies and Learning Hours.  For so many children, although they might tell you otherwise, school is something they look forward to everyday and that routine and security has been whipped out from under them, with little understanding of why.  They will be understandably worried, sad, unsettled and missing the social aspect of school – time with their friends.  Children who regularly receive Thrive and intervention from the Autism Champion will receive a postcard from their Thrive practitioner/class teacher fortnightly to remind them that we are still thinking of them and that we are there for them when they return.  The children can reply to this and post into school.

That is why I would like to encourage all parents to treat this school closure as the opportunity for more family time.  We have to try and turn this worldwide negative into a positive.  Have a laugh, watch a funny film together, dance in the rain (there will be enough of it), go for a walk on the beach (socially distancing yourselves obviously), swim in the sea, draw a flower, build a Lego model (my favourite), play a board game, bake a cake, help out an elderly neighbour, Skype a friend or a grandparent, do the boring chores together, run as fast you can for no reason, bounce on a trampoline, make a Bug Hotel, learn a musical instrument, and don’t spend too long on those screens! 

In short, have fun and be kind!

Who knows, we might come out the other side of this as better people than when we went in!

All of us are here when you need us.  If you run out of tasks on Mathletics, if you complete all of the home learning online, if you get stuck, if you can’t cope with the children for a moment longer (!!) please contact me via my usual email, and I can pass it onto the correct member of staff.

The Torpoint community is a wonderful group, a little thing like a Coronavirus is not going to get the better of us, and before you know it, you’ll be wishing those children who have done your head in for the past 6 weeks didn’t have to go back to school.

Take care everyone, be well and contact us if you need to, no matter how small the question.


Please read our comprehensive risk assessment in preparation for the June 1st return

generic-downloadCarbeile Junior School Covid Risk Assessment


Check out Carbeile on our opening day!

Check out some of these publications and social stories that might explain this difficult situation to some children that are finding it hard to fathom!

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School Is Closed

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