Art and Design


“I love art because I can unleash my creativity!” Erin Year 5.

“There are no right and wrong answers in Art and Design but you can always improve.” Ben Year 5.

“Making stuff makes me feel better!” Liam Year 5.

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At Carbeile, we love to be creative in our learning! In our Art & Design lessons we learn everything from painting Maya Masks and cave drawing to constructing burglar alarms and cooking delicious food.

Our Art & Design Curriculum includes 2D artwork, 3D construction and food technology.

How are Art & Design Technology lessons taught at Carbeile?
We often link our lessons to the topic that we are covering. In each year group, we cover a range of techniques and develop the children’s techniques through the years.

Speaking and Listening
Speaking and listening is incredibly important in Art & Design as we discuss and analyse our work as we go. Children critique each other’s and their own work to further improve their creations.

Creative thinking, critical thinking and practical skills are incredibly important in our lives. Art is linked with observation skills and improves children’s ability to look in detail. Art and Design differs from many other subjects as you cannot be wrong – instead it encourages us to strive to reflect and improve the more we do it. What a great skill to develop!


Home Learning
There could be an element of Art and Design and Technology within your child’s topic home learning tasks, which are set every half term.

Depending on the topic, children will have Key Instant Recall Facts based around the artist, style, technique or history of their focus area. E.g. Year 3 – Cave Art

The Art & Design Technology Co-ordinator
Tom James is the SMSC co-ordinator and oversees the teaching and learning of SMSC at Carbeile.


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