Vision and Values

Our Motto


Our Mission:

“We aim to create a happy, safe and inspiring learning environment in which everyone can grow and achieve their full potential.”

Our Values:


“We are proud of everything we are and everything we do.”


“We respect each other and our school.”


“We always tell the truth.”


“We are understanding of each other’s differences.”


“We always try our best.”


“We aim high.”


“We are responsible for our own actions.”

Our Vision

In February 2014, all stakeholders were invited to attend a ‘visioning’ session to decide on the direction of the school over the coming 5 years.  We devised our 20:20 vision; where we want the school to be in 2020.  Each class were given complete freedom on how they would like to interpret a particular strand of the Aspire programme/School Development Plan and they came up with some stunning ideas that are all on display in our foyer.

These were some of the stakeholders’ ideas…

Where will the school be in 2020?


  • Established Headteacher leading an outstanding school
  • Strong & effective SLT
  • Growing or grown middle leaders
  • Effective governing body
  • Outstanding teaching across the school
  • Outstanding academic achievement
  • Carbeile acting as a teaching school
  • Effective financial management
  • Pupils taking the lead

Pupil Achievement and Assessment for Learning:

  • 100% children make expected progress
  • Number of children exceeding expected progress is better than national
  • Exceeding all national floor standards·
  • Teachers use effective assessment for learning
  • All pupils aspire to achieve their full potential and enjoy the process
  • Use the wider community to enhance learning experiences
  • Investigate Academy Status
  • Better links with other schools in Torpoint
  • Engage hard to reach parents

Student and Family Support:

  • Parent Support Adviser
  • Breakfast/After School Club
  • Pupil counselling facility
  • Activity evenings for parents & pupils
  • Increased number of workshops
  • HMS Heroes Centre
  • Vulnerable group support
  • Nurture Group
  • SEN Centre
  • Intervention room
  • A safe room

Pedagogy and Curriculum:

  • Outdoor learning
  • Adapted teaching to support all
  • Learning styles
  • Use of relevant technologies throughout the curriculum
  • All children make expected progress
  • Good subject knowledge
  • 100% teaching good or above
  • Deepened learning
  • Ownership of learning within the curriculum

Communities, Learning Environments and Buildings:

  • Community ever changing
  • Up to date & advanced technology
  • Forest school
  • Animal care
  • School status for the future
  • All through primary
  • Out of hours programme
  • Involvement in community projects
  • Children’s Centre
  • HMS Heroes Centre
  • Better resources
  • More funding
  • Links with National Trust
  • Better knowledge
  • Economic advice
  • Competitions